Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Guide to Hiring a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer differs from others in that the attorney deals only with cases involving marriage, divorce, child support issues and custody. If this is the type you need, here are three ways to narrow down your search.

1. Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations
Chances are a friend, family member or even a trusted co-worker either is or knows someone who has hired a lawyer for a similar reason to yours. If you have a lawyer for other purposes, you can also ask him or her for a reference. If those resources fail, you can check with your local American Bar Association.

2. Do Some Research
Websites, social media profiles and news stories can all give you a better picture of the person you are looking to hire. You can check if the lawyer has experience and other qualifications for your specific case. Read online reviews to see how other clients felt about the service provided.

3. Contact Your Top Choices
Next, you’ll want to know which person seems to have your best interest in mind. Make an appointment to meet with the lawyer. Do you feel like he or she understands your case? Will he or she be willing to fight for you? If the answer is no, move on to the next one.

You need to be able to trust the attorney you hire, so take the time to determine if this will be someone you feel comfortable with. To learn more about a family lawyer in La Quinta, please visit this website.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Healing Power of a Hug

Feeling sad, burnt-out or overwhelmed? Maybe all you need is a hug to feel better. Hugs have been proven to elevate moods and decrease stress.

Four Things You Need to Do to Prepare for a Divorce

When you make the decision that a divorce is right for your situation, there are a few things you need to do before you should proceed with filing the papers. These four suggestions will help you get the best result from a terrible situation

1. Gather Necessary Paperwork
There are many different types of paperwork you will need for your divorce. Having copies on-hand when you are ready to file can be incredible beneficial. Some of the required paperwork includes:
• Bank statements
• Credit card statements
• Tax returns from the last 3-5 years
• Mortgage information
• W-2s

2. Understand Financial Situation
When you file for divorce, you will need at least a basic understanding of the financial situation for your household. You need to know how much money you have, how much money you and your spouse make and how much debt you have. This will create a clear picture of how much more money you will need to pay for a divorce.

3. Inventory Assets
Making a list of the things you independently own is very important in a divorce. This will help prevent your spouse from taking something that belongs to you. If something belonged to you before you were married, it is important to take note of that.

4. Hire a Lawyer
This is a very important step. The right lawyer can get you everything you want out of a divorce, while the wrong one can leave you with nothing. Hire a trusted divorce lawyer to ensure your divorce goes according to plan.

Divorcing your spouse is one of the hardest decision people ever have to make. Be sure you are prepared if it ever happens to you. For more information on a divorce attorney in San Diego, visit this website.

The Facts About Spousal Support

Spousal support is the financial payments made from one spouse to the other after a divorce. The purpose of spousal support is to allow the former spouse the ability to maintain the same standard of living while the marriage was intact after the divorce. 

Alimony means the same as spousal support. Spousal support laws prevent a divorced spouse from undergoing a decrease in their standard of living. When discussing post-divorce support, both terms, alimony and spousal support, can be interchangeable.

Many times after the divorce, because one spouse has been away from the workforce for a significant amount of time or is untrained, it is difficult to quickly find a job that will allow that person to keep their same standard of living. In California, spousal support bridges the gap between the length of time it will take for that spouse to find employment or resources that will pay for their living costs. 

All divorces do not require that alimony be part of a separation or divorce. The divorces that characteristically require spousal support are those that are typically litigated. Spousal support will most likely be the biggest financial obligation you will suffer as part of a divorce. Paying spousal support can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and last decades. If you want to pay less, you have to negotiate to reduce the amount requested by the spouse. 

California is a no-fault jurisdiction state. That means that the court will not consider whether or not the spouse had an affair when it determines the amount of spousal support. If, however, the spouse is living with another person, the court might presume that the need for support is decreased. 

In the state of California, marriages lasting 10 years or more are considered long-duration marriages, and the court cannot set a termination date for alimony at the time of the trial. If you reach retirement age and cannot work, you will not be required to continue paying spousal support. Additionally, if you are due for a raise, the court is not allowed to increase your support based on earnings received post separation. If you own your own business and earnings have been low since the divorce, you can probably get your obligations lowered. 

Your requirement to pay spousal support terminates upon the remarriage of the spouse being supported. For additional information on spousal support in San Diego, please visit this website.

Out With the Old

When a relationship ends, things that were once important just aren’t anymore. Throwing out old items can actually be cathartic in getting over a connection that has soured. While love may not last, your dreams still can and should.

How to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating

One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is a cheating partner. No matter what, it always hurts. This is why it is so important to find out as soon as possible. Here are three ways to tell if your partner is cheating on you.

1. Changing Language
If your partner suddenly starts using phrases you haven’t heard them use before, they may be picking up someone else’s speech patterns. Many people use phrases over and over, whether they realize it or not. It is common for friends or partners to pick up certain phrases from one another. If your partner starts using previously unheard phrases, they could be spending a lot of time with someone else.

2. Youthful, Impulsive Behavior
The danger and risk of an affair makes people feel young and reckless. If your partner starts to act like a kid again, there may be a very upsetting reason. Suggesting that the two of you or a group of friends partake it a wild night when that is something out of the ordinary could be a sign that they are cheating.

3. Accusing You of Cheating
This is a big one. If your partner accuses you of cheating, it may indicate that they are having an affair. If they jump to that conclusion at even the slightest suggestion that you might be unfaithful, it could indicate that they have a guilty conscious from an affair of their own.

Much like cancer, affairs should be found early before they can do more damage. Knowing the signs of an affair can save you some heartbreak down the road. Check out this website for more information on a marriage annulment attorney in San Diego.

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