Friday, June 5, 2015

Top 3 Most Devastating Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are often far from easy, but some are more difficult than most. Below are the three most devastating child custody cases in modern memory.

1. Woody Allen and Mia Farrow
Child custody cases between celebrities are often contentious and well publicized. However, the dispute between famed director Woody Allen and his former muse, actress Mia Farrow, is more tragic than most. In the early 1990s, during their battle over their three children, Farrow accused Allen of sexually abusing their young daughter Dylan. Though formal charges were never filed, this case continues to haunt Allen. This controversy recently made headlines again recently when the now-grown Dylan penned an op-ed discussing the alleged abuse. Her editorial drew considerable media attention as she publicly took aim at several celebrities who continued to work with Allen on his films.

2. Elian Gonzalez
A heartbreaking story, the child custody battle over young Elian Gonzalez garnered international headlines and increased political tension between the U.S. and Cuba. After his mother died at sea while fleeing Cuba for Florida, Elian was taken in by his uncle in Miami. However, his father in Cuba wanted him back. After months of controversy, the U.S. Attorney General ordered Elian returned to his father in Cuba, where he remains today.

3. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
It wasn’t surprising when the pop princess announced her divorce from former backup dancer Kevin Federline in 2006. However, what followed afterward couldn’t help but inspire sympathy for their two young sons. Because of various mental issues and odd behavior, Spears lost custody of her sons in 2007 to Federline before finally gaining visitation rights after regaining her health.

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