Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Guide to Hiring a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer differs from others in that the attorney deals only with cases involving marriage, divorce, child support issues and custody. If this is the type you need, here are three ways to narrow down your search.

1. Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations
Chances are a friend, family member or even a trusted co-worker either is or knows someone who has hired a lawyer for a similar reason to yours. If you have a lawyer for other purposes, you can also ask him or her for a reference. If those resources fail, you can check with your local American Bar Association.

2. Do Some Research
Websites, social media profiles and news stories can all give you a better picture of the person you are looking to hire. You can check if the lawyer has experience and other qualifications for your specific case. Read online reviews to see how other clients felt about the service provided.

3. Contact Your Top Choices
Next, you’ll want to know which person seems to have your best interest in mind. Make an appointment to meet with the lawyer. Do you feel like he or she understands your case? Will he or she be willing to fight for you? If the answer is no, move on to the next one.

You need to be able to trust the attorney you hire, so take the time to determine if this will be someone you feel comfortable with. To learn more about a family lawyer in La Quinta, please visit this website.

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