Friday, June 5, 2015

The Top 3 Marriage Pitfalls

At the outset, every marriage is expected to be union for a lifetime, unconquerable thanks to the love shared by the two persons entering into it. Unfortunately, many partnerships suffer or ultimately fail for any number of reasons, including poor communication, intimacy issues, and financial disagreements. Analyze your relationship to ensure that your marriage isn’t headed down a perilous path due to these common pitfalls.

It may sound cliche, but communication truly is a two-way street. Without a fair exchange, there is bound to be conflict in any relationship. Communication relates to every type of exchange, from planning the family vacation together to simply asking how your spouse’s day was. In either case, failing to solicit input from your partner can result in an icy relationship over time.

Maintaining a healthy dialogue with your partner ensures that problems are addressed before they have time to evolve. It helps each individual feel that their opinions are valued, which is important whether you’re discussing your child’s education or just trying to figure out what to watch on television that night. Marriage is a vow of equality, which begins with equal-footing in terms of communication.

On the matter of finances, it’s important to state that money should not represent the be-all end-all of any relationship. However, it is inarguably a vital factor in any couple’s lifestyle and general priorities. Failing to discuss short- and long-term financial plans or ambitions is a recipe for disaster, often resulting in similar feelings to those partners who aren’t communicating properly: disregard, disrespect, and disinterest.

You and your spouse should be candid when it comes to income, savings, and future expenses in order to avoid being blindsided by unexpected financial obligations. When money gets tight, don’t play the blame game—marriage is about supporting one another and striving for a better tomorrow.

Last but not least is the discussion of intimacy. Maintaining a healthy sex life is not just good for individuals, it’s a part of the essential glue that holds any happy marriage together. While each couple will have varying needs, the important thing is to be sure that you’re making yourself available to your partner. Not every evening has to result in romantic fireworks, but the potential should be there.

Small things also go a long way when it comes to intimate behavior. Give your partner a sensuous backrub, a foot massage, or just an affectionate kiss or some kind of gesture in passing once in a while. The effects will strength your physical bond whether your sex schedule is nightly, weekly, monthly, or none of the above. For more information on a divorce lawyer in Irvine, please visit this website for more information.

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